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Born on January 13, 1990, in the Brownsville Housing Projects of Brooklyn, New York, Daquan grew up with very humbling beginnings filled with poverty and lack of support that he had to overcome throughout his life. However, though he was faced with these hindering challenges along with illiteracy obstacles, Daquan had an unusual alertness about him ever since infancy. He was also a rapid intellectual, learner, and powerful observer who could quickly put concepts and pieces together, all while doing so with exquisite enthusiasm, curiosity, and deep emotional sensitivity.

“Attack not each other but rather one's ignorance.” - Daquan Murphy.

“An unexamined life is not worth living” - Socrates.


After spending his youth throughout Atlanta and Tampa areas with his family and six siblings, Daquan family chose to relocate to Atlanta with a purpose to place themselves and other siblings in better living conditions and become more exposed to cultural education and business opportunities. But during this effort for growth-development, adverse family matters arose that required Daquan to move to Tampa, where he soon pursued joining a basketball league despite his family's disputing and alienated support. Eventually, the toxicity became too much for Daquan, leading him to drop out of high school and turn to the streets, where he found work as a drug dealer, gambler, burglar, and encountered various crimes, street fights and partook in numerous gang-related activities. With this spiral, Daquan soon faced first-hand police racial profiling with the law. He was held captive in juvenile centers, jails, and prison and then illegally sentenced to 6 years. Even with filing an appeal for this unjust sentence, it resulted in a denial. After dissecting and discovering the unlawful and unethical acts committed in his sentencing, Daquan filed another motion to vacate the sentence, and this time the motion was granted – cutting his sentence down to 4.5 years which he faithfully served.

“He who refuses to rule is liable to be ruled by one who is worse than himself.” – Plato.

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While serving his sentence, Daquan used that time to self-reflect on his life and the choices he made and was committed to making himself better on every front. With this newfound determination, Daquan read over 1,000 self-help books involving spirituality, culture, education, law, and government while incarcerated, leading him to become devoted to becoming the change he wanted to see in the world upon his release. He became fiercely passionate about moving forward in life and instilling positive influences for both his family and his community along the way.


To pioneer that core mission, Daquan returned to high school to earn his degree and then attended/completed courses at Harvard University, including (but not limited to) Business Management, Exercising Leadership/Foundational Principles, and Professional Development. He also acquired 66 related Udemy Certificates ranging from leadership coaching, entrepreneurship/marketing to financial relations and has been a certified Universal Life Church Ordained Minister as of May 2021. Fast forward to today, Daquan is an active professional member for human rights educators, LinkedIn learning and holds progressive membership for both TEDx talks and Udemy.

“To be or not to be? That is the question - whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them? The idea of whether it is better to live or to die” – Hamlet.


As a resilient professional driven by passion, nothing makes Daquan happier than being able to influence large-scale reform that enables humanity, to live the quality, mobilized, and empowered lives they deserve. From professional leadership consulting to supporting people on their personal quest for self-reflection/development, he has a

genuine passion for guiding others through some of the 21st century’s most debilitating challenges so they can come out on the other side prosperous and amalgamated.


All in all, this entire game of life is not about winning or losing – it is about continuously adapting, building, and transforming as the world shifts. It is about stepping outside of your comfort zone to push forward through the many leadership obstacles, being open to healthy perspective changes, and discovering new ways to overcome the complex organizational system dangers to achieve advanced success for yourself and your community. Because in the end, people themselves have the incredible power to renew and adapt to this current world while simultaneously manifesting it to become a better one – a vital shifting journey that Daquan has dedicated his life to illuminating.

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